Enhance women's Lives and Confidence Daily

Enhance women's Lives and Confidence Daily

A Growing Sector

A Growing

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Bridget Hannon

from our founder

If you want to know what makes The Skin Studio successful, the answer is simple. It's our people. We find great people, we take care of them, and then they take care of our clients and our reputation.

By continuously developing great people we have a loyal and committed team who cares passionately for the women in our local community and that separates us from the rest.

Empowering women to be happy and successful in all areas of their lives gives me great joy. For those of you about to start a journey with us, either as a franchise owner, a staff member or a new client, I can't wait to meet you.

Best Wishes



Our story began in the treatment rooms of our hair and beauty salon Blush + Blow in Parsons Green in London. By focusing on five-star levels of customer service and using only the very best practitioners and products, demand for our skin and aesthetics treatments surged and we soon outgrew our premises. As a result, we opened a world-class skin clinic next door and we called it The Skin Studio.

Bridget our Founder is a Chanel-trained Make Up Artist and she understands the difference between good and great service. She added our General Manager from Mulberry and our Chief Operations Officer from 5 Star hotel background and the levels of service and customer satisfaction have soared since.

Today the The Skin Studio is succeeding in the most competitive part of London for skin and aesthetics. Showing that high standards and a focus on women separates us from the rest. That success is why we are now opening franchises across the most affluent parts of London.

Our Story

Our support to franchisees

Our support or advice includes but is not limited to:

  • + Business Strategy
  • + Cashflow Management
  • + Market & Competitor Analysis
  • + Property Selection
  • + Property Fit Out and Branding
  • + Customer Profiling
  • + Customer Journey Mapping and Development
  • + Machine Selection
  • + Product Selection
  • + Recruitment
  • + Ongoing Staff Training
  • + Proven Suppliers
  • + Suppliers Management
  • + Contractor Contracts
  • + Customer Contracts
  • + Business Technologies Selection
  • + Marketing Strategy
  • + Branding Kit
  • + Sales Methodology
  • + Industry and Legal News and Updates
  • + Funding and Finance Options
  • + Group Purchasing Benefits
  • + Insurance
  • + Licensing
  • + Management Processes
  • + Human Resource Management
  • + Stock Management System

We'll show you how to do everything that you need to be successful. We'll help you to avoid the pitfalls and we'll mentor and coach you all the way. There is no limit to the advice and coaching that you will receive from us.

Benefits of franchising

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

  • +Lips or Nipples
  • +Chin or Cheeks or Sideburns
  • +Full Face
  • +Full Face inc Neck
  • +Jawline or Neck
  • +Very Small Area
  • +Eyebrows or Earlobes
  • +Full Face inc Neck
  • +Abdomen Line
  • +Abdomen Full
  • +Chest
  • +UnderArms
  • +Back Half
  • +Back Full
  • +Arms Half
  • +Abdomen Full
  • +Arms Full
  • +Legs Full
  • +Legs Upper + Legs Lower
  • +Feet and Toes
  • +Bikini Standard
  • +Bikini Extended
  • +Brazilian Strip
  • +Hollywood
  • +Buttocks
  • +Brazilian Strip
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