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Driven by passion and expertise, our team at The Skin Studio combines years of industry experience with a shared goal: YOUR ULTIMATE SATISFACTION AND RADIANT SKIN.

Skin Studio



Abbi is passionate about helping people feel wonderful in their own skin and loves advising clients on their skin concerns. She has been through rigorous training and is now proficient in the use of the many machines we have in our clinic to help treat and pamper our clients. These include HydraFacial, HIFU, Radio Frequency, Microneedling, Cryotherapy and Laser Therapy. Abbi is known for her Bespoke Facials where she tailors the treatment completely to the client’s needs. She is also experienced in treating acne, pigmentation, melasma and rosacea to name a few and uses other traditional treatments such as peels and lymphatic drain massage to deliver gorgeous, fresh skin.



Ionela is a perfectionist with a true love for beauty and skincare. She has been doing beauty treatments for 8 years and is very talented at doing LVL (lash treatment that lengthens, volumizes and lifts your lashes), HydraFacial and laser hair removal to name but a few of the treatments she delivers. She loves that her role is varied and that no two days are the same. You can expect pristine results with her.

Skin Studio
Skin Studio



Morgan enjoys the aspect of caring in beauty work. She loves making someone feel better when they might not be feeling their best. Morgan is skilled in a variety of beauty treatments as well as Hydrafacial and laser hair removal. Her calm demeanour and attention to detail make her a favourite among her clients.

Dr Krystyna


Dr. Krystyna is one of London’s top facial aestheticians, acclaimed for the undetectable and natural-looking results she delivers. Her medical background, accompanied by her visionary eye, allows her to create beautiful balance and facial harmony in her clients. Dr. Krystyna is fanatical about detail and her trademark treatments are her “tweakments” where she uses a minimally invasive and artistic approach to gradually build the desired effect. Dr. K (as she is affectionately known by her clients’) is passionate about patient care and ensures that each client feels completely safe and at ease during the consultation, treatment and aftercare process.

Skin Studio
Skin Studio



Dr. Nicola is an expert in facial aesthetics and rejuvenation. Her friendly demeanour allows you to confidently and safely explore treatments and procedures to achieve your aesthetic goals. Dr. Nicola believes in natural looking results that are undetectable and that will balance and harmonise your face. She uses non-invasive and non-surgical treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and Polyneucleotides, Sunekos, Redensity and Profhilo® skin boosters.



Justine is Bridget’s sister and biggest supporter. She gets her inspiration from working at the forefront of the industry and constantly striving for improvement. With over 20 years of operations experience in the luxury sector, Justine brings with her a keen eye for detail and ensures that Blush + Blow London and The Skin Studio are held to the highest standards. She loves hearing that clients had an amazing experience that delivered results in a beautiful setting.

Skin Studio
Skin Studio



Luke is the General Manager for Blush + Blow and The Skin Studio. He is meticulous, loves a challenge and especially loves helping people realise the best versions of themselves. He brings a vibrant energy to the businesses, ensuring that clients have the best experience while leading a team that are happy and inspired.


Clinic Coordinator

Kate serves as our aesthetics clinic coordinator, providing support to our clients by addressing appointment enquiries, sharing treatment plan details, and addressing general queries. She delights in ensuring clients feel supported and heard while also contributing to the smooth operation of the clinic.

Skin Studio
Skin Studio



Bridget has a love for gorgeous hair, beauty and glowing skin as well as a passion for keeping up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies. This has allowed her to create a truly luxurious retreat in the heart of London that delivers bespoke treatments, in a setting that feels like a home away from home.

Our Values

  • Positivity

  • High Standards

  • Customer Focused

  • Honesty with kindness

  • Respect

  • Do Your Best

  • Teamwork



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