Profhilo® stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, which is the body’s way of keeping the skin healthy. It significantly address the problem of facial ageing by restoring skin laxity.


Aids in boosting your overall health by improving energy levels, brain function, mood and metabolism.

Polynucleotides £300 (x1) – £800 ( x3)

Profhilo® from £375 (1 area) – £1000 (3 areas)

Profhilo® for Neck £425

Redensity ® £300 (2ml) – £400 (3ml)

Sunekos ® perioral £325

Sunekos ® Under Eye Treatment £375

    The Details

  • Price: £300 +
  • Down time: Yes – Sunekos ®approx. a week of bruising and swelling
  • Patch test required: NA


How long do Skin-Boosters last?+
Are Skin-Boosters right for me?+
Are Skin-Boosters right for me? How are Skin-Boosters Administered?+



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